The application form for studying Master/ PhD at University of Zakho, is shown below. It is an electronic form, and require from the applicants to have gmail account to fill the form. Otherwise it would not work.

Please visit other sub-taps (Topics & Plan, Projects, Assessment Topics, and Important Dates) and read carefully the list of subjects and their pre-application conditions before you fill the form.

Required Documents & Items Pre-application: 

1. Applicants Bachelor Degree (Original Copy).

2. Applicants Master Degree (Original Copy if the application is for PhD).

3. Applicants Iraqi Civil Status ID (Colored Copy).

4. Applicants Iraqi nationality, ID (Colored Copy).

5. Filled & Signed Commitment Document.

6. Applicants Photo (6 Copies).

7. Ration Card (Colored Copy).

8. Residence card

9. English Certification, if it is available.

10. Recommendation Letter.

11. If the applicants a Governmental Employee, s/he must provide a signed letter of no objection from her/his Governmental Institute.Institute.